Council of the Institute 2012 - Peru

The participants for the Council of the Institute have arrived in Lima for the Opening Session of the Council which begins at 3.30pm. For some, the journey here was not without incident - floods, snow, fog or particularly visa problems - have entailed hours of worry.

But now, with the exception of one sister still en route, the Council has gathered. Everyone has been deeply touched by the warmth of the welcome extended to us by the Vice-Province of Peru and their many collaborators - notably teachers from Fe y Alegria schools in Lima. Hopefully you will pick up some of the warmth and welcome in the photos which follow.

The Conference Centre is perfect, providing ideal facilities and a beautiful green oasis in which to meet, share, reflect, pray. It has been decorated with countless posters bearing images of the work of the sisters in Peru and the words of Nicolas Barré to inspire us during the two weeks of the Council.

Fatima IJS, our intrepid chauffeur,must surely hold the record for the number of trips made to Lima airport in a week - and definitely in one day!  How anyone has the courage to face Lima traffic is a mystery but it seems to hold no fears for someone who has been in Peru for 39 years!

As you will have read elsewhere on the website, the Infant Jesus Sisters worldwide are celebrating 350 of mission - from the first small schools in Sotteville-les-Rouen in 1662.

Added to this, the IJS in the Vice-Province of Peru celebrate 45 years of mission in Peru. With them and their friends and collaborators, we thank God for their years of service.

Please find below some further articles from the Council of the Institute 2012 - Peru:

Marie's closing words

Presenting the council of the Institute

A gift from the Vice Province of Peru

CI Work continues

Pictures from the Council of the Institute, Lima

Published on: Wed, 01 Oct 2014 15:29:41 GMT

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