A project from Thailand

Sr Nattaporn works in Kaeng Khlo, Chaiyaphum, devoting her considerable energies to encouraging the parishioners to participate fully in the life of the church community.

Sharing a delicious meal

A major focus of the apostolate of the parish community is the elderly. A group of elders from the parish visit the elderly in some of the remote villages in the surrounding area. They make them their friends, listening to them with love, praying with them, paying attention to their stories of past joys and sorrows. One of the women they visit is 92 years old and her only concern is that she has nothing to give in return.

Young people happy to help


Sr Nattaporn also involves young people in this apostolate. They do practical work for the elderly, cleaning their houses and doing odd jobs for them.

In this way, they are building a church community in whch the young and the elderly provide mutual support for each other.

Praying together

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Published on: Wed, 01 Oct 2014 15:32:18 GMT