The Cameroon mission was founded in May 1968. Right from the beginning the Sisters have tried to respond to the needs of those around them in line with our charism and the local church. Their work is focused on health care and education of young boys and girls and also of deaf and dumb children; education of young people through Catholic Action movements and catechesis.  Communities are located in  Ekounou, where a health centre was opened recently. Mimboman, where a house of Formation was opened in 1988.  Somo, in the diocese of Bafia, was the foundation of our first Sisters in 1968. Here there is a technical training college and a special school for deaf and dumb children. Both are boarding as some of the students live far away. Makenene, founded in 1970, is about 23 km from Somo.

In 2004 the Sisters responded to a call to the English speaking region of Cameroon: to Fundong, an isolated mountain region in the area of Bamenda.

To read, in French, about the work of the Infant Jesus Sisters in Cameroon, click on this link to visit the Cameroon IJS website:

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