YES Group meet again in Rome

Language icon YES (Younger European Sisters) Group meeting in Rome in March 2019

The meeting of the YES Group (Younger European Sisters) took place in Rome from 1 to 5 March 2019.  We were 15 sisters from Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Ireland. For France, Patricia, a member of the Fraternity, participated and provoked a new and serious reflection for our future in Europe.

The purpose of our meeting was to share ideas for the future of the YES Group in the context of the evolution of religious life and to prepare some echoes of our journey as the YES Group for the General Chapter. From the first moment, there was a wonderful atmosphere of trust which facilitated a deep sharing within the group. We could see the path travelled in previous meetings.

It was very beautiful and exciting during the last day to find, despite our differences, that we have a unique vision for the future. And this generates hope and energy!

For all it was a moment of growth and confirmation: we are on the way to the "new forms" that the Spirit points out to us. We value living unity in diversity and collaborating together in the construction of life bridges.  Thanks to everyone who accompanied us!

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Published on: Thu, 04 Apr 2019 00:21:50 GMT

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