Stained glass window to honour Nicolas Barré

Language icon "Whoever receives a poor, abandoned child doubly welcomes the person of Jesus Christ." Nicolas Barré SR 1:2

"December 2018 saw the unveiling of two new stained-glass windows in the Church of Our Lady of Quadalupe in Almería, Spain. One window was dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The other was dedicated to Blessed Nicolas Barré in recognition of the twenty years of Christian witness that our Infant Jesus Sisters have given there. 

I was delighted to attend the celebration and it was wonderful to see the very large numbers gathered to honour the life and work of Nicolas Barré.

During the ceremony the priest talked about the work of our Sisters who are living there. Pilar García, one of those Sisters, outlined the life of Nicolas Barré and his vision for the education of poor children in Paris in the seventeenth century. The artist of the window explained how he tried to express this in stained glass.

Afterwards, the Parish invited us to supper hosted by the parishioners.

All in all, it was an uplifting event which shone a light on the life and work of our Sisters as well as on our founder Nicolas Barré."  Sr Pilar Tarazaga IJS

c. Parish priest.jpg
Parish priest, Fr Jesus Zapata, speaking during the dedication of the stained glass windows.
e. Stain glass window artist.jpg f. Sr Pilar Garcia.jpg
David Cascón, the artist who designed the windows. Sr Pilar García IJS
Published on: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 00:40:48 GMT

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