Provincials of Europe meet in Bergamo, Italy

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The Provincial Leaders of Italy, France, Spain, England and Ireland met recently in Bergamo, Italy. As well as meeting for mutual sharing and support, their Agenda included further reflection on the Meeting for the Younger European Sisters in Europe known as ‘The YES Group’. This Meeting will take place at Vranov in the Czech Republic during August.

The Provincial Leaders' sharing also explored possible new ways of functioning as Religious in their own countries as well as Infant Jesus Sisters together in Europe. They were delighted that Sr Marie, our Congregation Leader, was able to join them during their Meeting.

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A delightful visit with the sisters in Cenate (pictured here), Rovetta and Sacre Cuore was possible
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and also with sisters and friends at the Latin America Centre in Bergamo.

Published on: Thu, 09 Feb 2017 13:05:30 GMT

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