Praying St John's Gospel in Ballyferriter

Language icon IJ sisters and friends gather in Ballyferriter to reflect on the Gospel of St John

This year in July a group of IJ sisters and friends gathered again in our house in Ballyferriter, Co Kerry. This place of haunting mystical beauty has palpable spiritual energy and was chosen by pre-Christians and early Christian monks as a place to seek and worship God. 

We reread “The Gospel of John” seeing it as the Gospel in which Jesus reveals the Father, the Spirit, and Himself as the Word Incarnate.   Reading the gospel as a whole in one week helped us to rediscover the Word and the Spirit, present in Creation since the beginning, and the Love of the One who chose each of us from all eternity, inviting us and enabling us to live in communion with God, with each other and with all living beings.  

Being in such surroundings gave us the added possibility of swimming, cycling or walking in beautiful surroundings and enjoying each other’s company.   We are grateful for so many blessings.

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Published on: Fri, 08 Dec 2017 15:28:51 GMT

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