Peru celebrates a first profession

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Easter Sunday 20th April 2014
Lord, I desire to continue sharing your love
as I journey onwards! 

                                  A Message from Elizabeth following her First Profession
Dear Sisters,

Elizabeth2.jpgThank you, thank you... to each for your greetings, prayers and for joining me on April 20 for the celebration of my first vows.  It was an important day in my life - to renew my YES to the Lord and to have the possibility of building the Kingdom through the charism of Father Nicolas Barré.  I feel part of this international family of the Sisters of the INFANT JESUS who have made and are still making their mark in every place where the Institute is located. It was a day of surprises to receive your greetings by mail through the sisters Carlota, Kimiko and Fatima. I felt very close to you all despite the distance.

Celebration processionThe symbol for my first vows was a road and light. This was represented by my students from Fe y Alegría in Mi Peru. It was a special and meaningful feature. It was also wonderful to meet and celebrate the Eucharist with the Sisters of our Institute, family, friends, sisters, teachers, and many people who felt close to the Institute.

Attached is the symbol of my first vows – the way which I feel invited to follow and which stretches far and wide.  Also I feel called to continue along this Way, while gradually discovering  God’s presence and love each day. 

Elizabeth's profession symbol

"Lord, I desire to continue sharing your love  as I journey onwards!"

Many 'hugs' to each one and let us remain united in prayer.
Elizabeth Camacho AyalaPeru. 

Published on: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 11:53:35 GMT

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