Pentecost letter 2014

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Novena for Pentecost 29th May - 8th June 2014

"Prayerful preparation for Pentecost dates back to the early Church. We read in Acts 1: 4 - 14 that the apostles spent nine days in prayer, with certain women including Mary, the Mother of Jesus, awaiting the coming of the Holy Spirit which had been promised..." (cf The Tablet 24.05.2014)

We are all invited to join in this novena as we reflect together on Sr Marie Pitcher's Pentecost letter to the Institute:

"Dearest Sisters and Friends,A very happy feast of Pentecost to you all! May the Holy Spirit  awaken in us the stirrings of imagination, the murmurings of wisdom, the beginnings of creativity and the deepest desires of our hearts..."

Sr Marie's Pentecost Letter 2014


Published on: Sun, 08 Jun 2014 11:54:09 GMT

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