Mother Mathilde's Bi-Centenary

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This year the Institute is celebrating the bi-centenary of Mother Mathilde's birth. 

To read a brief history of her life click here:  A brief history of the life of Mother Mathilde - in English. To see this same article in French and to enjoy the vibrant and informative French website, go to : click on Enfant Jésus Nicolas Barré, then on Histoire, then on À suivre until you see the date1852.

Marie Justine Raclot, later to be known as Mother Mathilde, was born on 9th February 1814.  Even as a young child, she dreamed of going to Japan as a missioner though at the time it was closed to foreigners. Her dream was realised though in a way she could never have expected. Initially, in 1852, she went to Singapore, which was then part of Malaysia. After some years, through an extraordinary series of  events, she reached Japan where she carried out her ministry until her death in 1911; she is buried in Yokohama.

To mark Mother Mathilde's extraordinary contribution in the field of education in SingaporeMother Mathilde will be inaugurated  into Singapore Women's Hall of Fame on 14th March 2014 (visit website, which itself is being launched on 14th March!). 

To discover what is taking place in Singapore Province to mark the bi-centenary, visit the Singapore Province website: and select "News - Events" on the top bar.   

Published on: Wed, 01 Jan 2014 11:43:26 GMT

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