Looking back ... in order to move on

Language icon Founding sisters: Srs Marguerite Marie, Claire, Paul (Jacqueline) and Regina

The "founding sisters" of our Mission in Cameroon met in the Provincial House in Paris. How much has happened since May 1969 !

Yes, it is already 47 years since the ship, "Général Leclerc", lifted anchor and set sail from the port of Marseille… destined for CAMEROON.  We went with no guarantees and no knowing where it would lead us !

In AUGUST 2015 we gathered again in Paris to recall the past and share our memories. We feel we owe it to the Institute, and to the country which made us welcome, to record and pass on what we remember.

The work of writing all this down is in progress…

Africa is before us,  a beacon lighting the way, gathering together, giving direction, creating LIFE.

Published on: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 00:07:12 GMT

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