General Chapter: 24 June 2019 More echoes

Language icon Mary Theresa and Amy present the report from Malaysia.
Following on from yesterday's update, here is Malaysia (above) and (below) Myanmar, Nigeria, Peru, Singapore, and Thailand delivering their report expressed in their striking posters.
IMG_20190620_094024.jpg IMG_20190620_113102.jpg
IMG_20190620_121549.jpg IMG_20190620_094620.jpg
IMG_20190620_154748.jpg IMG_20190620_095844.jpg

All around the chapter room, the inspiring reports are received with attentive listening and a spirit of admiration at the story they tell. Smart phones and cameras were busy as delegates made sure to get photos in order to be able to bring home something of the spirit of the 'Echoes' day.

IMG_20190620_102326.jpg IMG_20190620_102318.jpg
IMG_20190620_102332.jpg IMG_20190620_102337.jpg
IMG_20190620_102341.jpg IMG_20190620_110732.jpg

Published on: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 18:34:11 GMT

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