General Chapter: 20 June 2019

Language icon Bénédicte presenting the report from the Cameroon

Day 6 was filled with "Echoes from the Provinces, Vice-Provinces and Districts".  Each country had prepared a poster in advance and gave a presentation - each of which was greatly appreciated. 

Having listened with great interest, delegates took time to study each poster (see below).

The day ended with Mass prepared by Cameroon.
The photos show: Cameroon (above); below - Bolivia, Czech Republic, England-Ireland, France, Italy and Japan... with 7 more countries to follow!

IMG_20190620_120056.jpg IMG_20190620_150351.jpg
IMG_20190620_151224.jpg IMG_20190620_152120.jpg
IMG_20190620_153235.jpg IMG_20190620_092906.jpg


Published on: Sun, 23 Jun 2019 16:00:35 GMT

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