General Chapter: 16 June 2019

Language icon Kikuko, the senior member of the Chapter, carrying the Chapter Candle to the Opening Mass
Sun 20190616_091821.jpg

During the Opening Mass, Klára expressed in liturgical dance 
our commitment to the work of the Chapter.

One of the younger members, Honorine, carried the Candle to the Chapter Room, followed by all the participants. Sun 20190616_094148.jpg
Sun 20190616_094657.jpg Sun 20190616_095215.jpg
On the logo poster, each one signed her commitment to the work of the Chapter.
Sun 20190616-WA0063.jpg

Following the Opening Mass and Commitment Ceremony, Sr Marie Pitcher, the Superior General, gave the Opening Address.

Published on: Tue, 18 Jun 2019 00:45:39 GMT

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