General Chapter: 15 June 2019

Language icon A group of young musicians who performed for the General Chapter participants.

Sat 20190616-WA0045.jpg On Saturday evening, Sr Marina Motta, on behalf of the Italian Province, welcomed the participants to the General Chapter in Rome.

Marina then handed over to the leader of a group of young musicians who performed a variety of classical pieces - either as soloists, in a string quartet or in a larger group. It was a beautiful way to be welcomed to Rome!

Following this, Robert (to the extreme left in the photo below), gave us a presentation - The Speaking Stones of Rome - which gave us an insight into the early Christian history of Rome.

Sat 20190616-WA0039.jpg
Sat 20190616-WA0038.jpg

Published on: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 23:40:50 GMT

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