Four new leadership teams

During the past few months the appointment of four new leadership teams has taken place, each one following a time of reflection and discernment on the new ways of functioning that were suggested at the 2013 General Chapter.  An appropriate form of leadership for each individual situation emerged and each group have committed themselves to live it out in a spirit of collaboration with others during the next three years.

Felicia Tarena Bethuel is the new District co-ordinator in Nigeria. The Team Members are Benedicta Aidan - with particular responsibility for the co-ordination of initial and on-going formation; and Rita Shuman - with particular responsibility for the co-ordination of apostolic activities. 

Photo below L-R: Benedicta, Felicia and Rita.

Leadership Team Nigeria.jpg

Brigitte Flourez is the new Province Leader in France.  The Team Members are Josette Veron - co-ordinator for the Nicolas Barré Family; and Nicole Dehouck - co-ordinator for the Sisters in the houses for the elderly.

Photo below L-R: Josette, Nicole and Brigitte.

Conseil France.jpg

Kitty Ellard continues as Province Leader. The new Team Members are Eilish O’Mahony - co-ordinator for the Dublin area; Carmel McMahon - co-ordinator for the south of Ireland; and Pat Armato - co-ordinator for England.

Photo below L-R: Pat, Carmel, Kitty and Eilish.

New Eng-Irl Team.JPG

Marina Motta is the new Province Leader.  The Team Members are Tiziana Masnada - co-ordinator for the on-going journey with lay people; and Antonia Moioli - co-ordinator for the elderly sisters.

Photo below L-R: Tiziana, Marina and Antonia.

Leadership Team Italy.jpg

May the Holy Spirit inspire and guide each group in this special and important ministry of service in the Institute as they explore new ways of functioning according to the needs of each country.

Published on: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 12:15:38 GMT

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