European Meeting in Vranov

Language icon The gathering at Vranov, Czech Republic - August 2017

A group of 20 sisters coming from our European Provinces/Districts: France, Italy, Spain, England/Ireland and Czech Republic met from 14th to 19th August 2017 in Vranov, Czech Republic. 

It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and to share our hopes, fears and dreams about our mission, our ministries and most critically about our future as IJ Sisters in Europe. Modern technology has increased the possibilities to remain connected with great ease from our various locations! A common concern everywhere is the plight of immigrants.  Each area is responding in various ways and we were all inspired especially by the experience shared by our sisters in southern Italy   The gathering ended with the words of a song made so famous by Diana Ross: ‘If we hold on together’ resounding in our ears and hearts.

                                                       If we hold on together,
I know our dreams will never die,
Dreams to see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by for you and I.’

Rencontre européenne à Vranov (République Tchèque)

Nous nous sommes retrouvées 5 jours près de Brno, sous un soleil généreux et au milieu d'une forêt verdoyante. Des échanges très riches de ce qui nous anime, du temps pour la prière, l'écoute en profondeur, un climat empreint de simplicité et d'amitié ont porté leur fruit.  Nous sommes bien décidées à renforcer les liens entre les membres (soeurs et laïcs) de notre Institut dans les 8 pays d'Europe où il est présent. 

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Published on: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 18:33:56 GMT

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