Enlarged Council Meeting in Madrid

Language icon The Enlarged Council: L-R Maria, Kimiko, Micheline (Facilitator) Gloria, Sylvie, Carlota, Marie and Jane.

Greetings from the Enlarged Council who met in Madrid in October:

Happy feast of Nicolas Barré!  We join with our all our sisters and friends in every part of the Institute as we give thanks for our founder and all that we have received from him and our first sisters.  We continue to remain alert to the way in which we, in our turn, can pass on that rich and wonderful heritage to others. “Our whole being must be united with God as our one beginning and Creator, our goal, our centre, our place of rest and supreme happiness, in such a way that for us to live is to reach out to God and to be founded and rooted in Him.” (Letter13).

As you will see from the photo, the Central Team were joined by Sylvie from Cameroon, Carlota from Peru, Gloria from Spain and Jane from Thailand for our first meeting as an Enlarged Council, which took place in Madrid.  Thank you for all your messages of support and the assurance of your prayer. We were also very pleased to have Micheline Tremblay CSC as our facilitator once again.

As we shared our experiences since the General Chapter, we also reflected on the new way of functioning of the Central Team, which has been a very positive experience for each one and seems to work well for the Institute. We entered into a period of discernment to find a third councillor from among the finally professed members of the Institute. We were looking for someone who would complement the present team in living out the priorities of the General Chapter, one of which is to give particular support to our younger countries in the Institute. 

Our discernment together led to Noreen McGrath, who is in Cameroon, being co-opted as the third councillor on the Central Team.  Her role will include giving particular support to Cameroon and Nigeria.  The benefit of Kimiko's presence and support of Peru and Bolivia is already much appreciated as part of the way of functioning of the Central Team and we feel that both Cameroon and Nigeria would also benefit from a similar kind of support and encouragement at this time. Noreen has accepted this mandate in faith and begins immediately.  Of course, all the members of the Central Team will continue to visit and get to know the realities of each country in the Institute in so far as this is possible.

The next Council of the Institute will take place in Bangkok from 19th- 31st October, 2015.  You will receive a letter with more details of the content and proposed criteria for participants in April next year.  Our next Enlarged Council meeting will also take place in Bangkok just before the Council of the Institute.

Once again we are united with you in the celebration of Nicolas Barré's feast and conclude with a quotation from Letter 9: “It is God alone who can satisfy us; all else is but a means or a path.  God is our goal, the centre and object of all our motivations.  We should devote our energies only to whatever will lead us in this direction”.

Published on: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 13:42:40 GMT

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