A Christmas Special

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In the Czech Republic the traditional family/community meal is on the evening of the 24th December.   The family enjoys specially prepared steaks of carp accompanied by potato salad and  followed by an incredible variety of homemade “sweets”. It is during this family meal that “the Little Jesus” comes quietly into an adjoining room to leave His gifts for the children.   His coming is announced by the ringing of a little bell… and His departure is discovered by finding the window, expectedly, wide open!   A bit like the empty tomb!

On the 25th, it is now a tradition in our IJ Community to have “open house” for people we know who are alone.  This year we had 15 guests, coming from four Continents.   Guests are invited to hot punch, full lunch and plenty time to be with others and enjoy the warm atmosphere.   There is time for people to sing well beloved carols in their own language and make new friends.  The high light this year was the presence of Ian, a beautiful Ghanaian baby, whom everybody wanted to hold for a while…a little Jesus amongst us.

Home alone at Christmas
1 Charles3.jpg
Everyone ready to help
2 everyone helps3.jpg
Baby Ian ... star of the day
3 picture3.jpg
Our chapel at Lisen
4 chapel3.jpg
At the keyboard, Carol, Wise Woman ... all the way from the East
6 all the way from India3.jpg

Published on: Sat, 30 Dec 2017 23:29:55 GMT

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