2017 Lenten Retreat in Vranov Monastery

Language icon The Minim monastery is perched on a hill at the edge of a forest

From the Czech Republic: You often hear us speaking about our links to the Minim Monastery outside Brno and you may wonder how this came about. As you know, the Minims are an Order founded by St Francs of Paula in Italy in 1436 and the Infant Jesus Sisters are linked to him through one of these Minims, Nicolas Barre, who founded our own sisters in France in 1662.

By a wonderful Providence, our first sister in the Czech Republic came to know of the Infant Jesus Sisters through the Minims in Brno whose first foundation in this country was also in the 17th century. The Vranov Minims know our sisters in Calabria.

Now our Community here often avails of the Retreat Centre in this Monastery for quiet personal prayer or for animating the many courses and retreats they organise.

During Lent, Georgina animated a weekend Retreat for a group of young men and women there. These are members of a Catholic English speaking community she helped found and which is known locally as “The Upper Room Community”. Most of the members are foreign students at the Universities here or single young people with jobs in one of the many international companies.

The Minim monastery is perched on a hill at the edge of a forest and overlooks a quiet village. In recent years a lot of work has gone into the restoration of buildings and grounds, neglected by their forced absence during the Communist regime.  At present the community there includes just two brothers and three priests.   They carry on a vibrant ministry in a local parish as well as to those who come on Retreat and to the many pilgrims who come to this well-known shrine. 

You can read more about Vranov Monastery by clicking here .

010.JPG   Georgina with some of the retreatants in the garden.
Lunch break in the monastery diningroom. 028.JPG
017.JPG Another view of the Minim Monastery outside Brno.
Preparing for a Night Vigil in one of the chapels. 033.JPG
Published on: Mon, 15 May 2017 13:29:21 GMT

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